About Mike

Mike Duco is passionate about leadership development and the next generation, a pastor by heart, an itinerant speaker, a teacher, a worship leader, a learner, and a moody writer.

He is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Speech Pathology at the University of the Philippines-Manila. He was formerly a student at the International Graduate School of Leadership for further ministry training. At present, he’s pursuing his Master of Divinity at Grace School of Theology.

Reading, watching movies, driving around different places, listening to music while walking on early mornings, learning new things, teaching, goofing around with kids, and chatting with people over coffee are just a few items in the long list of things he delights doing.

He is a Christ follower, sold out to the fact that he is living purely under God’s inexplicable grace and mercy.

For more information about the blogger, please click this link – https://about.me/mike.duco

[DISCLAIMER: The blog entries here are based on personal views and beliefs. They have no bearing to the organisation/s that he is part of.]


12 thoughts on “About Mike

  1. Hi PMike! What a wonderful reminder during this resurrection Sunday! Indeed remembering what Jesus done on the cross for us is worthy of our reverence and devotion to follow Him. By his grace, may our outmost desires is to glorify God in every aspects of our life. God bless you more of His wisdom.

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