A Clearer Glimpse into the Heart of our Global God


Last October 12-14, Teacher Karen Monroy and I ventured into a leadership conference where we hardly had any clue of what to expect. It’s called the CB Global Leadership Conference. What my feeble mind can understand is that GCF South Metro is a member of the Conservative Baptist Association of the Philippines (CBAP), which is part of a bigger body called “CB Global”. Other than its general structure, we really did not know what to anticipate in this conference.

On our first day at CB Global, it seemed like a mini-reunion with people I have served with at various occasions in the past (i.e. Wavemakers, IGSL). It was amazing! However, the more interesting part was to experience being with faithful men and women leading different ministries across 9 nations. It was utterly beautiful.

The morning sessions were spent on giving ministry updates per country. There were 2-3 reports shared per day, coming from this list of countries: Bangladesh, Macau, Taiwan, Hongkong, USA, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, and Myanmar. As I listened, I am humbled by the harsh realities of what has been happening outside of the Philippines, such as security risks in Bangladesh, decline of Christianity in the USA, and the disruptive effects of calamities in Taiwan. It broke our hearts. After every report, we took time to encourage the leaders by praying for them and their country. We sang songs of worship and heard devotional messages from various ministers too. Nevertheless, my heart rejoices each time I remember each of them!

The next interesting part was to work with international NextGen leaders (those with ages less than 40) on evaluating what has been happening in CB Global, and to set some steps forward in preparation for the next breed of leaders to rise up. As Teacher Karen and I sat with them to do the brainstorming, I just believe with all my heart that the Lord is truly positioning His church – the larger body of Christ – for greater things!

Sharing all these, I pray that it would prompt all of us to fervently pray and seek our global God – whose heart goes out to all nations – that every people group and tribe would know that there is no other name under heaven by which one can be saved – other than the name of Jesus Christ! May our prayers eventually lead to concrete actions… and from actions towards a movement… and a movement towards national transformation!


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