Greed, legalism, and other subtle evil motives. All these lurk and clothe themselves in the form of hypocrisy. Even the best teachers of the Law in Jesus’ day was not exempted from this kind of disease — this, I mean, a “disease of the soul”.

A “double life”, as what some would say, is a strong manifestation of the depravity of man. Most have substituted Christ-like character with a strict outward form of religion. Good works have been made the key standard of one’s spiritual maturity, rather than the fruit of a vibrant relationship with our Lord Jesus. If we pause long enough to contemplate, we know that this struggle is definitely real.

However, we need to understand that while man looks at the outward things, the Lord looks at the heart. The real condition of the human heart can only be fully scrutinized by the highest heavenly court, with God as the Judge.

Therefore, as we ask the Holy Spirit to evaluate our hearts today, may we not miss out on the reality that the Lord alone can also cure this pervasive disease of our soul. Yes, the Lord exposes our sin for He abhors it, but in our brokenness, we find that the Lord is fully committed in His mission of redemption — until Christ is formed in us!


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