The Greatest Identity Crisis



The greatest identity crisis in life does not happen within adolescence nor when we reach a quarter of a century. It is not even upon reaching the age of forty, where most of us say that, “life begins at 40”. This great predicament happens when one claims to fully believe something yet, in our daily grind, lives a kind of life that is contrary to one’s belief system. What happened? Why is there a disconnection? What is actually happening in this great identity crisis? How can this be resolved?

Christians or followers of Jesus Christ are not exempted from this problem. In fact, we must admit that we are one of those most vulnerable to it. Every single day, we are faced with the choice of bending to our own will or cooperating with God’s will. It’s either we compromise or we abide. But is Christianity just about doing the right thing? I believe there’s more to it than simply looking at the outward behavior.

Galatians 2:20-21 is a clear illustration and a clarion call to the kind of identity we should all be putting on as a result of a regenerated, renovated soul – all because of the atoning work of Jesus Christ at the cross of Calvary. In the midst of a depraved world, we ought to be a kind of people who is marked by a new life in Christ where the old self is gone and the new has come. We are to be the kind of disciples who, though not perfect in this lifetime, would toil to surrender to God’s will with utter delight and forsake the old sinful nature with remorseful, repentant hearts. In a nutshell, the kind of life we live should be a reflection of an inward reality: a life redeemed and transformed by the living God.

We have been purchased with such an unimaginable price – at the cost of Jesus’ life. We have been called to such a holy calling, only made possible because of Christ who chose to represent us before the highest court under the judgement of God… and, my friends, He declared us free. Because of Him, we are a new creation.

Hence, today, let’s ask the Lord to scrutinize the inmost recesses of our hearts, and ask: do we abide in God as we claim that we are, or are we living a life in contrast to who we claim to be? May this great disconnection – this great identity crisis – be resolved and be fully surrendered to our Lord who is more than able to transform us from the inside going out!


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