Project Purity

A news article I read in the Internet reported a recent survey stating that “one in every three youth aged 15 to 24 years old has engaged in premarital sex, the number increasing by more than 14 percent from almost 20 years ago. This translates to about 6.2 million youth who have engaged in sexual intercourse before marriage”[1]. As soon as I finished reading its first two paragraphs, I already felt a deep kind of sadness. If this broke my heart, I cannot begin to imagine how it pains the hearts of families and how much this reality breaks the heart of God!

In a broken world where sexual immorality and a false definition of “love” are promoted, the call for purity is drowning out. The Church, the body of Christ, needs to do something about this. As “salt and light” (cf. Mt 5:13-16), we need to move. Thus in response to this problem, The Hub (GCF South Metro’s youth ministry) has started planning out a program, which we’ve aptly called, “Project Purity”.

The said “project” will commence in a Youth Fellowship on March 29 (Saturday) at 5:00-7:00 PM in the YDT Center. Our dear brother and fellow youth minister, Adam Hussey, will be giving a message on what Scripture says about purity, immediately followed by a facilitated small-group talk that will focus on sharing and in praying for one another. As early as now, I want to let you know that this is not only a one-time activity, but we consider this a first step towards a transformational movement.

Right now, we’d like to ask for your prayers and help. If you are a parent of a youth, then we encourage you to partner with us by supporting your child in this process towards a godly kind of purity. If you are a student, I encourage you to take that step of faith and make that commitment to being pure and blameless in the midst of a generation where it’s taught that sinning is just “okay”. All of us, by God’s grace and mercy, can be a catalyst for change!

We will surely update you on the details and progress of Project Purity. Should you need to contact us, please write us an e-mail to our designated address,, and/or get in touch with us via Facebook by “liking” GCFSM-The Hub. We’d love to hear from you!



[1] Tricia Aquino, “1 in 3 Filipino youth aged 15-24 has engaged in premarital sex – survey”, Interaksyon,—survey (accessed February 7, 2014).


5 thoughts on “Project Purity

  1. But you see, the church is now focused on the forgiveness and grace aspect out of necessity, having lost so many outside the fold. Even Lifeway has revamped its materials on intimacy to emphasize forgiveness and new starts. Meanwhile, it censures those of us who have waited and continue to wait. The church, to a large degree, has created its own problems.

  2. Praying for this project. Interesting comment from BerenEstel “the church is now focused on the forgiveness and grace aspect out of necessity”. I hear the point but I think the need to focus on grace has always been a necessity of the gospel!

    Today’s challenge is that modern society in many countries would probably have us rewrite John 8:11 as “Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you. Go and and don’t let anyone criticize your lifestyle choices again”

    Jesus doesn’t say that. He lovingly and gently restores, without minimizing the need for change.

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