Lesson(s) Learned, 2011 Ed.

The holiday fever’s still on! And ironically, I also had a bout with fever (literally), plus nasty hyperacidity attacks this past week. It was supposed to be a time for vacation, a much-needed time for relaxation; but things didn’t really go as planned. It was only until today that I got to quietly sit down and relax. (Thank You, Lord, for healing me!)

Now, where do I start? It has been almost two weeks since I last wrote a blog and I think I’m starting to grope for words already. I guess I got totally “drained” after being sick for a couple of days. (Boo!)

On a different note, earlier this evening, I was having quite a serious talk with the Lord during my “quiet time”. It was refreshing to end this day filled with so much reminders from His Word. Just this week, I have had several “amen and ouch” moments — being rebuked, corrected, and led again to walk in His ways.  On top of what I’ve been learning, what encourages me most is how the Lord urges me to persevere in my circumstances, and to always hold fast to the Gospel and His promises. (If you like, you can check 2 Peter. Reading three chapters tonight won’t hurt, right?)

Afterwards, thoughts rushed in as to how my life changed this 2011. Overwhelming.

I must be honest, this year has been a whole lot better. (Way better!) No kidding nor exaggeration. To clarify my point, the situation, in itself, have hardly changed. I still have a lot of things to settle. The work opportunity abroad is still pending.  I don’t have a brand new car. I live within my means.  On a human/earthly perspective, there’s nothing really fancy about my circumstances now.  What really changed this year was my heart — my attitude towards my life situations.

So now, let me just outline or highlight for you 10 life lessons I have learned (and still learning) to embrace.  They are written in no particular order, by the way.  Like I’d always say in my previous writings, accept what’s good and just ignore what’s not beneficial for you. Besides, these are just my two cents.

Mike’s Life Lessons for 2011:

  1. I’ve learned to focus on the things that really matter.  I cannot afford to stretch myself to the point of breaking, and end up ineffective. I need to learn to say “no”, when necessary.
  2. I need to focus on a few people whom I can mentor. What I wish I could do for everyone, I need to do for a select few because I am ultimately not the Lord. In the long run, quality will beget quantity.
  3. Handling one’s finances is a spiritual matter. I am a steward of God’s earthly riches, therefore, how I use what He basically lent me at the very beginning is part of my personal worship.
  4. Everybody has the potential to change and become better. Whosoever is without sin, let that person cast the first stone.
  5. My job is my ministry. They are not mutually exclusive.
  6. Our weaknesses can be used for God’s glory. I’m not a born writer, yet I strive to blog to somehow reach the hearts of people. I never imagined myself preaching, but now, I preach whenever an opportunity is given. I could never really put in a box, as to what God can do in and through you.
  7. Just as my job is my ministry, my family is also my ministry. Who we are at home could be a very strong testimony to others.
  8. What we own/have, and what we have achieved, do not define our character.
  9. When situations seem to go wrong despite choosing to follow Christ, press on nevertheless. Remain steadfast, teachable and humble. Compromising should never be an option.
  10. Waiting on the Lord is essential for growth. In fact, I can consider it a spiritual discipline. Running ahead of Him is merely futile.

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