My Bucket List (ca. 2011)

Here’s a random list of things I’d like to do (or have) in the future.  I’ve been contemplating on writing them down a long time ago, but for some reason, I just didn’t. Hmm.. I’m not sure if I’m just being forgetful nowadays.  Anyway, thanks to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, my cerebral “light bulb” lit up. Musing over a good cup of coffee definitely works wonders on my side!

1. To go on a month-long study tour in Israel (Whew, by God’s grace indeed!)

2. To record a song I’ve personally written and performed (Frustrated Youtube artist? Haha, I guess not.)

3. To go to the United States, and be re-united with my family (How I miss my family!)

4. To have a personal office space, that’s Starbucks-inspired (Cozy!)

5. To try out an extreme sport (i.e. bungee jumping, diving)

6. To finish a degree in Bible school (Even a non-professional degree would suffice!)

7. To be a good husband and father to my future family (Just like my Tatay, really.)

8. To be somehow adept in speaking a foreign language (Spanish, perhaps?)

9. To be proficient in a musical instrument (Guitar or piano’s preferred!)

10. To keep blogging as a habit. (I should; or else, I won’t be able to update this list!)

P. S.  Again, this list is in NO particular order.  And from this point on, I hope I can update this by checking on some of the items and/or adding new stuff to this list. 🙂


4 thoughts on “My Bucket List (ca. 2011)

  1. Hi Mike!

    I hope that you’d be able to put a check mark on each item and more… I too have been thinking about things that I want to do. Let’s make the most out of lives!

    P.S. I intentionally did not subscribe to your blog as I seldom check my mail but I included you in my bookmarks because that’s what I refer to more. But if indicating my address automatically subscribes myself then it’s fine. Hehe keep on blogging! 🙂

    1. Yes, your e-mail address will automatically subscribe you to this site. 🙂 But still, thank you for including me in your bookmarks! I appreciate that!

      And yes, I’m praying I could check all these and be able add some more soon! These things will come to pass, if it’s the Lord’s will. I recommend that you make your list too! It’s something worth doing since 2011’s about to end.

      You’re a blessing, Jaymi. I hope we could meet up, and have a good chat over coffee real soon!

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