The Beauty of Helena

Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I meet a little lady and a little guy in my humble abode, with the hope of somehow helping them to communicate with others more effectively.

Seeing them is always a joy. Much more, to see them improve/develop would always bring me to tears.

This coming September 18 will mark the 5th birthday of my little lady, Elle! I remember meeting her before she even turned 2, and now she’s turned into a lovable, beautiful young lady.

Our celebration wasn’t grand at all, but to see this girl enjoy her food by smiling so sweetly, just melts my heart every time. We prayed together before we ate; then I saw her pause and become teary-eyed, perhaps overwhelmed by the joy of celebrating her birthday in advance. That sight of her was more than enough stimulus to activate my tear ducts, as well. Sigh.

We just love you so much, Helena! God knows that we really do.

We’ll always be here to love you even more, and to cheer you on in your life journey.

May the Lord bless you exceedingly and abundantly, more than we could nor imagine.

Happy birthday!

Teacher/Tito Mike

*Entire album can be viewed through this link:


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