Many people live “disconnected” lives. (Sadly,I’m guilty of this as well.) They believe one thing, but behave differently. They say something so convincing, but act in contrast to what they “preach”. 

This inconsistency, too, is a pressing reality among those who claim to follow Christ. However, Scriptures clearly declare that, “the one who says he abides in Him ought himself to walk in the same manner as He walked”. (1 John 2:6) 

Hence, I implore you to make up your mind about this crucial matter. Regardless your situation, may His Spirit enable you to choose to follow Christ!


By the way, the abovementioned was the gist of a lesson I gave last Friday (September 9, 2011). For further reading and reflection, please refer to 1 John 1 – 2:6.

To give you a better picture, John’s manner of writing in this book have been greatly influenced by the rising gnosticism in the church during that time.  By that, people chose NOT to believe the Person of Christ as fully God and fully human (docetism), therefore, not believing the reality of His resurrection too.

If you would closely inspect chapter 1, John would present the reality of Christ’s deity — “what was from the beginning… we’ve touched… seen… heard”.  He was so clear about the God that we worship.  Right from the start, you would imagine that he’s stating things in an “as-a-matter-of-fact” approach.  You can actually check chapter 1 of the gospel of John, so you can observe the similarities and differences in his salutation/introduction between the two books.  It’s interesting to note that part.

In the following passages, John presented a number of contrasts (i.e. darkness versus light); the role of Christ as a sufficient, substitutionary sacrifice; and an advocate for all those who follow Him.

And the clincher?  John says that if you truly are in the Light, as Christ is (in the) Light, then we should make up our minds.  Do not be easily persuaded by the things of this world.  So John continues that, to those who zealously profess to be in the Light ought not to live in darkness.  Instead, he/she should walk as Jesus walked!

Let me leave you with a few questions:

1.  What area/s of your life do you feel you’re being “disconnected”?  Meaning, you generally know what God wants you to do, yet hesitate to obey Him.

2.  Is it easy or difficult to follow Christ?  If yes, what makes it difficult for you?  Be honest.  Here are some examples that I came across with.

“I find it hard to obey Christ because of what people might say about me.”

“It’s hard because of my bad past. I feel like a hypocrite.”

“It’s tough to live like Christ because it is simply inconvenient/uncomfortable.”

3.  What step/s should we take (or have been taking) to get to really know how Jesus walked and to live like Him?

Take note, I’m not asking you to respond to this note.  But what I’m asking of you is to take all these things to heart.  If you would really draw your knees and be vulnerable before Him about these important matters, I believe your life would never be the same again.

I implore you, my beloved… choose to follow Christ!


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