A Father’s Love.

Other than being a minister largely to the student and young professional populations, I work as a Speech Pathologist on a part-time basis.  In this season, I work primarily with children and adolescents with disabilities.  I guess this is a facet of my life I hardly talk about in my blogs.

Here’s a confession.

I remember myself wanting to quit three months before graduation.  I wanted to enter seminary to be a pastor.  I could vividly recall crying out before the Lord on New Year’s eve, inquiring of Him since  I practically don’t know what to do anymore!

After comtemplating and seeking sound counsel from people whom I’m close with (i.e. family, accountability group), I decided to finish my studies.  I started working in this kind of profession in less than two months after college graduation.

I had my share of ups and downs as a newbie clinician, I must say.  Until today, I’d grope at saying that I’m really good at what I do.  I have caused joy on some days; disappointments on most days.  I still got a long way to go.

Nevertheless, I admit that doing what I do now transformed me in many (and I mean many) ways.  Some may think or say that, since I’m the “service-provider”, it’s generally a one-way “transaction”.  We get paid for the job, and that’s it.  But that’s not how it works!  We learn so much from these people, just as we try to help them in their process of learning to be independent.  (If you are one of my colleagues, I’m sure you’d agree!)

So tonight, I’d like to share a video about a father’s love for his daughter, who’s been diagnosed with autism.  It likewise represents one of the many reasons why I press on in this vocation.

I may not have a “Pastor” attached to my name.  But I believe I’m doing the work of a pastor not within the walls of the church, but in the company of hurting families who have a member (or members) with disabilities.

The Lord knows my desire to do more for them.  But my capacity’s limited.  Therefore, I decide day-by-day to serve these kids — giving my all for a few which I personally wish I could do for everyone.

I enjoin you to begin doing something for our differently abled brothers and sisters. It can be as simple as not laughing at them, and just showing them some concern. Help them instead. Love and accept them, regardless. I implore you to start acting on it… today.

May the Lord bless your heart!


One thought on “A Father’s Love.

  1. Bro, this one revelation that really didn’t shock me. I felt that you were trying to find a different path before we graduated. Still, it’s amazing you found it in your heart to finish the course.
    I believe you don’t have to be a pastor to serve in the church. You don’t have to be someone to make a difference in any field, if you are willing to make a difference, you can. You were already a “pastor” figure when we were in college. You’ll never know how much you inspired me to make myself active in church back in college. So you shouldn’t fret about not having that title. God sees the heart not the titles or the accomplishments
    As for the video, thanks for sharing.
    Hope we could have a nice long talk next time for good times sake. 😀
    See you soon! 😀

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