Appreciating divine appointments…

This rainy day was a much-needed opportunity to meditate on God’s movement in my life for the past few weeks. Instead of being too concerned about how much I missed on my supposed earnings from today’s work, the class suspension (due to the typhoon) was purposed to mark a divine appointment on my part.

I went back to His Word, meditated, prayed, read some more, watched sermons and videos online, wrote my thoughts down, bugged people with my wall posts (Forgive me for that. Yikes!) , ate “goto” at one point, and then drank coffee on another instance. Whew!

Then, just now, I thought:
“Thank You, Lord, for this ‘God moment’. It is indeed healthy and necessary to take You on dates. Today was such a great time to muse about Your glory over a cup of coffee.”


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