Hello… Hurricane.

I’m just done listening to Switchfoot’s “Hello Hurricane” .  Admittedly, it’s my first time to hear it and I quite liked it.  Almost simultaneously, I just saw the news, reporting Philippine Azkals’ loss against Kuwait.  Something dawned moments after, and I apologize for my randomness in this.  The thoughts written here are not directly based on the contexts of the song nor the game itself.  But bear with me for just a little longer, and I’ll see how I can put all my ideas together.

So, let’s give it a try.

Coming from the hype of victory and glory, the Azkals met a “hurricane” in the form of a formidable team such as Kuwait.  I’m not a player of the sport, but I could empathize for their defeat.  With supporters being disappointed and players running back to the dugout in dismay, the situation was heart-breaking. That’s guaranteed.

Now, putting this in a more personal perspective, we all meet our own versions of “hurricanes” in this lifetime.  Some may seem trivial, others tragic. They simply clothe themselves in different ways, don’t they?  But the fact is, life’s hurricanes can potentially shatter the core of our being — this may involve your values, ambitions, expectations, etc.  They also arrive any time and at any day.  They come at different paces, places, and gravity.  After its direct hit on us, we end up broken and unable to pull ourselves up.  But in my heart of hearts, I pray we won’t let go of hope that easily.

Faith-stretching,  nerve-wracking hurricanes are part of life.  I guess, that’s a given.  I, myself, am a victim and is not exempted.  Ergo, we should not be surprised at all when one comes.  It may sound like an oxymoron, but hurricanes should be welcomed.  We should learn to say “hello” to them for even if potential negative effects are attached to them, potential positive (and life-transforming) outputs can be brought about as well.  And it has much to do with one’s character.  A person of character, tested by life’s calamities, cause so much impact to broken people.  People of brokenness, restored by the hope found in Christ, brings tons of stories that are worth telling.

Contemplating further, Scriptures say that we should not be shocked by life’s “hurricanes” for they are merely inevitable.  Jesus, prior to His arrest, made it clear that in this world we will have trouble!  Yet He didn’t just end there.  With His acknowledgment of the arrival of life’s problems follows His assurance of peace to His disciples and to those who would believe.  And He reminded us that in Him, we have a sovereign and an overcoming God (cf. John 16:33).  We may stumble for a while, but He asks of us to be still and press on in our journey.  He provides hope.  And it is a kind of hope that does not disappoint, even if matters may result in ways we do not see nor comprehend.

So my friend, if you are currently in a “state of calamity”, please hang in there.  May the Lord sustain you with His grace and mercy.

If you are traversing in the calm, that is good.  But don’t be complacent, and be prepared to say “hello” to any “hurricane” that may come your way.  This time, however, I guess you’re more prepared because of the confidence we have in Christ, who gives strength to the weak and who gives hope to the hopeless.


2 thoughts on “Hello… Hurricane.

  1. Nice post mike. Let us seek God’s help to prepare ourselves for any hurricane. Let us also seek God’s help during the hurricane. And most of all, let us thank Him after the hurricane. Let us praise God through it all. Here’s a nice concept. They say, there’s calm in the middle of a hurricane because there’s no air at all. Don’t want to find out first hand though. God bless you tol and may you share more of your insights through this blog. 😀

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