Recruiting Letter from PTI

Hello, dear colleagues! This is the recruiting letter from Mr. Joey Ricafrente, Vice-President of Physical Therapy International (PTI).  My sister works for the said company, and I’m simply helping them out to spread the word about their recruiting trip on September 11.  Please read through the letter carefully.

God bless you!



Physical Therapy International, Inc. is an industry leader of rehabilitation staffing services based in Stafford, Texas.   Founded in 1999, PTI delivers a superior brand of home health therapy services which serves as a benchmark for its peers.  With an emphasis to deliver positive patient outcomes and a passion to improve the delivery of home health rehab services in our region, PTI’s success rests on our unquestioned ethical practices, a generosity and fairness to every employee, and an ability to foresee industry changes and adapt accordingly.  Because of our stability and impeccable reputation in the home health care arena, PTI also serves to advise over 250 home health agencies on how to conduct outcome based, results oriented clinical practices, and updates them on current rules for participation.  As a product of our continued success, we will conduct our third recruiting trip in Manila. It is our intent to interview and hire Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Speech Language Pathologists.  We offer the following benefits package to our full time employees:

  • Employer paid major medical insurance
  • 3 weeks paid vacation
  • 6 paid holidays
  • Employer matched 401K retirement plan
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Cell phone allowance
  • Use of an IPAD 2 for documentation
  • License renewal fees
  • Continuing education allowance

In addition to the above, we offer the following financial assistance to our foreign-trained staff:

  • US prevailing wage
  •  Attorney fees relevant to the hiring process
  • Filing fees relating to H1-B processing
  • Flight from the Philippines to Houston, Texas
  • Professional visa screening fees, VCVC
  • Professional licensure exam fees and travel expense (flight and one night hotel)
  • Interest free loan for your first car up to $5000 USD
  • POEA fees
  • Required medical exam fees
  • Visa fees
  • Licensure credentialing fees
  • Upon arrival in Texas:  Lodging assistance

Please note that we do not impose fees on our applicants.  If anyone is approached by an individual or entity soliciting a charge for our efforts, please be warned that they do not represent PTI.

In exchange for PTI’s initial investment in you, we require a three year contractual commitment of employment.  You will receive an annual performance review and your salary will be adjusted in response to the prevailing wage for that year. We do offer a competitive salary, which is above the current prevailing wage requirements.

We will conduct interviews on September 11, 2011 at the Linden Suites in Pasig City.  Please be advised that the interviews are by invitation only, and will be limited to 50 invitees.  An email confirmation providing details on the interviews will be sent to each approved candidate.

If you wish to know more about Physical Therapy International, Inc., we invite you to view the following websites: or (see some of our staff photos).

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email me at  Please attach the CV of all your undergraduate and graduate courses, your resume, and your language (TOEFL) scores, or any other pertinent test scores, if already taken.

I look forward to your response,

Joey Ricafrente, PT

Vice-President, PTI, Inc.


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