Life on Life! (Story Behind a Champion)


This is a video about Dirk Nowitzki and his mentor. I got this from a friend, and I thought of sharing this wonderful clip too.

I honestly salute his mentor for training Dirk, loving him, and preparing the champion that he is today.  It took time and tons of pain for sure, but all their efforts paid off.   In this momentous event, both the mentor and the mentee reached the goal they’ve been so desiring to achieve after more than 13 long years.

In reflection, as a leader and a “discipler-maker”, the Lord has implanted in me a passion to teach Scriptures and entrust relevant life lessons to those who can do the very same thing for others (cf. 2 Timothy 2:2).  After viewing this, I became even more inspired.  I was inspired to mentor more people not as basketball champions but to become “life champions” — individuals would give their all for the glory of their Maker and seek the applause of an audience of One.



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