Oops… False Alarm!

May 21, 2011.  If you’ve been checking the news, it was announced that it’s going to be the end of the world….


It’s May 22 now, and I’m still trying to write this blog.

Panic. Regret. Despair. Fear.  Doubt. Excitement.  Hope. Jubilation.

There’s probably an inexplicable mix of these (or emotions similar to these at the very least) that were stirred in the hearts of many homo sapiens at eighteen-hundred hours of May 21st.  Apparently, the scheduled Armageddon that many religious groups have been tirelessly trying to calculate and forecast resulted in an epic fail.  Another thing that remains a question for me, at this point, is how these groups took this sad ending.  To think that what they overtly believed did not happen as expected is quite demoralizing.  I really don’t know how to put them into words.  Yet I’m really hoping they learn their lesson well, this time around.

I am convinced that the precise time and date of this world’s end were never meant to be disclosed.  If you are a Christ follower, you’d most likely correlate this matter with Jesus’ second coming.  Nevertheless, it should not be our priority to know all the details for that duty is simply out of our league.  Signs and “birth pains” could be provided and may be figured out.  However, like an offspring, even the expected “due date” of his birth may end up in false alarms.  This sort of predicament has been existent for eons, if you’d observe history carefully.

The disciples who began the New Testament church movement sought for answers to similar questions too.  When is the kingdom going to be restored?  When are You returning? But Jesus simply reminded them that it was God’s business, not man’s.  Instead, it was emphasized in Acts 1:7-8 that serving as witnesses regarding the life, death, and resurrection of the Messiah are to be given utmost priority.  The same call stands for every believer today.  We are to stand as ambassadors of Christ, even to the remotest portions of the earth.

Paul, in his second letter to the church at Thessalonica, purposed to correct a misinterpretation about the “Day of the Lord” as well.  It was a similar situation to yesterday’s problem.  In their case, idleness took its toll on the people from thinking that the world’s end was at hand.  They waited and did not choose to move forward.  They became lazy, not zealous.  They were seated and satisfied.  Nothing more than that, perhaps.

I told you, this has been a longstanding issue.  They somehow come in different forms, but basically the same essence.

So what should we do now?

One of the oldest psalms, which has been attributed to Moses, provides a very good suggestion:

“Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” (Psalm 90:12)

Moses understood the immeasurable difference between man’s capacity and God’s.  In its preceding passages, he presented God’s eternality and our temporality.  We may endure for a time, he contemplated, but it’s useless.  We are infinitely matchless as compared to our Creator.  We are worlds apart.  We are existing in the realm bound by time and space, while God is in the realm where His power knows no limit.  He is indeed from everlasting to everlasting.

Ergo, Moses begged of God that we be taught how to allot our days, how to maximize them, and start living every single day wisely.  What a bold, honest, and humble request, isn’t it?  Since Moses recognized how gargantuan God is, he was humbled and sought God’s wisdom to live each day in a manner that the average person wouldn’t dare to ask.

The aforementioned psalm has kept me musing ever since my eyes landed on it.  And here are a couple of insights that clung:

Instead of fearing the end of this world, why not ask God to build in us a reverent kind of fear?

Why not ask the Lord, the Author of our lives, to create in us a heart of wisdom?

Why not ask for boldness to do what you were called to do, while our names are not yet posted on the obituaries?

Why not share the love of Christ to those who are not even aware of it?

Why not pick yourself out of the couch, and then choose to grow with God and serve Him?

Why not start reading your Bible, and so not be swayed by waves of false doctrines like those we’ve heard from the news?

Remember that even if heaven and earth would pass away, God’s Truth remains faithful and true.  It will never pass away (cf. Luke 21:33).  God knows perfectly what he’s doing, so let’s continue to rest on this blessed hope that we have in Him.  Let’s flee from idleness, and continue running the race that He has set for you.  Do not remain “infants”, who are easily swayed by false teachings. Your days are numbered, so use them wisely for God’s glory.

The things I wrote are just two cents’ worth.  Some items you might agree with, others may not be okay with you.  I respect that, really.  It’s just my prayer that this keeps you thinking, and somehow lead you a bit closer towards the Author and Perfecter or our faith.


2 thoughts on “Oops… False Alarm!

  1. Amen! Nice blog tol! Hope to hear more from you through this blog. I think we’ve become too busy with our own ministries and our own work to talk or to share. I miss those sharing moments we had during college. God bless you on your new blog!

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